could someone just publish a comprehensive list of "ways to start a fire in the kitchen"

Home on a Friday night. Whines! I have to submit a paper to a journal and finish a workup by midnight. We shall see if that happens.

This week has had many ghoulish undertones.

I have started not one, but two fires in my kitchen this week. This is nothing new, as I still get teased for setting a pita on fire à la Ryan from The Office.

Not being a genius in the kitchen is perfectly peachy in my eyes. However, the problem is my neighbors - I live in a high rise, and I don't imagine they enjoy the frequent smoke alarm vibrations/sounds.

I just can't imagine why anyone has not yet published this detailed account aimed at avoiding these mishaps.

For example, I purchased some wax paper the other day - I had to do some baking and I thought one was to use it - well, it filled the kitchen with smoke upon being placed in the oven. (Of course, I was absent and did not notice until the alarm alerted me.) Some clarification would have been great.

Maybe this is what led Sylvia to call it a day...

4 Response to "could someone just publish a comprehensive list of "ways to start a fire in the kitchen""

  • Anonymous Says:

    I so LOVE Sylvia!!!

  • Ms. P Says:

    I cannot tell whether or not this is sincere? The enthusiasm seems misplaced... :)

  • Anonymous Says:

    It's sincere. It is actually quite ironic. I had just gotten out two of my favorite books to re-read, "Collected poems of Sylvia Plath" and "The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath". I had been thinking about her poetry for a couple of weeks. She is one of my favorite female poets. At any rate, I just happened to read your post and there was her reference! I didn't think there was anyone left in the world that knew who she was or her contributions. It was just sort of 'Deja Vu' i guess.

  • Ms. P Says:

    Ahh, I would love to read her journals! I am a huge fan of hers, though I must admit I have never had as much time for poetry as I'd like... most of my knowledge of her work comes from my discovery of her during my years of teenage gloom and doom.

    Certainly a strange coincidence... :0)