boredom level: 34

I have discovered why I've never had a weblog: because I am quite boring! A very sad thought indeed!

This weekend, I canceled on dinner plans because my apartment is not up to my mother's standards and she is threatening a visit this week. I expected the boyfriend to freak out, because anyone would, right? Nope, not Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect decided it would be 'fun' to join me in my dreadfully lame preparations.

Then, Mr. Perfect came over with groceries and cooked dinner whilst I scrubbed my walls (no joke.) To say I was endeared is an understatement. Then, the coup de grĂ¢ce - he made foie gras (!!!) and brushed it off because 'his parents are total francophiles.' No big deal.

It was essentially a perfect night, but after he left, I turned the crazy on. He MUST have a secret coke habit or be a 'hipster grifter' type or mess around with guys! Or something! He is too perfect, and not to mention, he's really a bit too attractive for me and I'm not even sure what he's doing with me in the first place!

This mental anguish ended today, however, as I believe I scared him off.

When I was 17, I saw a PETA video of cows, chickens, and pigs being tortured, and stopped eating meat then and there. I've eaten foie gras in the past because it's been quite some time since I learned about the animal kingdom, and I thought amphibians lacked nervous systems/couldn't feel pain.

Well, Mr. Perfect was laughing about my "vegetarianism," as he calls it, so I wiki'ed it - and discovered that frogs have complex nervous systems. :( Moments later, I was crying. Like, a lot.

Mr. Perfect tried to comfort me, saying things like 'they only kill ones that are hurt anyway,' and 'but we already ate them now...'

It was T-R-A-G-I-C.

And - all I'm saying is that I'm pretty sure his departure involved some running and screaming.

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  • iamtrapped Says:

    You have my sympathy and condolences for the dear departed frog. I realize the tragedy of this episode but it was quite humorous the way you described it. I hope that you reconsider deleting your webblog, as I too have contemplated it many times. At least think on it a bit before making a decision. Now that your comment section is repaired, I'm sure others will find you as interesting as I.