boredom level: 34

I have discovered why I've never had a weblog: because I am quite boring! A very sad thought indeed!

This weekend, I canceled on dinner plans because my apartment is not up to my mother's standards and she is threatening a visit this week. I expected the boyfriend to freak out, because anyone would, right? Nope, not Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect decided it would be 'fun' to join me in my dreadfully lame preparations.

Then, Mr. Perfect came over with groceries and cooked dinner whilst I scrubbed my walls (no joke.) To say I was endeared is an understatement. Then, the coup de grâce - he made foie gras (!!!) and brushed it off because 'his parents are total francophiles.' No big deal.

It was essentially a perfect night, but after he left, I turned the crazy on. He MUST have a secret coke habit or be a 'hipster grifter' type or mess around with guys! Or something! He is too perfect, and not to mention, he's really a bit too attractive for me and I'm not even sure what he's doing with me in the first place!

This mental anguish ended today, however, as I believe I scared him off.

When I was 17, I saw a PETA video of cows, chickens, and pigs being tortured, and stopped eating meat then and there. I've eaten foie gras in the past because it's been quite some time since I learned about the animal kingdom, and I thought amphibians lacked nervous systems/couldn't feel pain.

Well, Mr. Perfect was laughing about my "vegetarianism," as he calls it, so I wiki'ed it - and discovered that frogs have complex nervous systems. :( Moments later, I was crying. Like, a lot.

Mr. Perfect tried to comfort me, saying things like 'they only kill ones that are hurt anyway,' and 'but we already ate them now...'

It was T-R-A-G-I-C.

And - all I'm saying is that I'm pretty sure his departure involved some running and screaming.

something about wheat grass

Well, it turns out that places like 'Jamba Juice' put a tiny bit of wheat grass in 100000 grams of sugar because it actually tastes remarkably similar to dirt.

My words of wisdom for the day.

Does this happen to other people?

There is a weird look that I occasionally get from professors, and I have no idea what it means. The first time I saw it, I was asking my physics professor for clarification on a problem set... and I still remember the expression very clearly, because I remember not knowing what it indicated.

The other day, I had déjà vu. This expression appeared once more whilst I asked for some clarification on the wording used to describe a neural pattern - in retrospect, I was over-thinking things (as I often do) and thus interpreting ambiguity where there was not any. (Incidentally, this is why language frustrates me... it is very rarely [/never?] as precise as I would like it to be.)

But, I cannot figure out if they are just speechless because what I've said is completely retarded and foolish? (My suspicion.) Or if I am over-thinking it so much that they don't even know what the question is? Or if I sound really crazy? And they simply do not know how to respond?

It is honestly the strangest expression in the world and as I have not seen it frequently, I do not believe it is a good one.

Other data includes the fact that both adopters of this dreaded look were math guys - an engineer and physicist.

Could this have something to do with the strange expression upon their faces?

Perhaps I just don't speak math nerd?

further evidence that i am a hot mess

Today, I received a letter from my building supervisor detailing how many times I've locked myself out of my apartment this month - and saying that it is expected that this behavior shall cease immediately.

I did not know this was being monitored. Embarrassing?

Someone pass me a martini...

could someone just publish a comprehensive list of "ways to start a fire in the kitchen"

Home on a Friday night. Whines! I have to submit a paper to a journal and finish a workup by midnight. We shall see if that happens.

This week has had many ghoulish undertones.

I have started not one, but two fires in my kitchen this week. This is nothing new, as I still get teased for setting a pita on fire à la Ryan from The Office.

Not being a genius in the kitchen is perfectly peachy in my eyes. However, the problem is my neighbors - I live in a high rise, and I don't imagine they enjoy the frequent smoke alarm vibrations/sounds.

I just can't imagine why anyone has not yet published this detailed account aimed at avoiding these mishaps.

For example, I purchased some wax paper the other day - I had to do some baking and I thought one was to use it - well, it filled the kitchen with smoke upon being placed in the oven. (Of course, I was absent and did not notice until the alarm alerted me.) Some clarification would have been great.

Maybe this is what led Sylvia to call it a day...

imagine for a moment

Please imagine that you must email a colleague - not someone you generally work with, but someone you must contact regarding a specific issue,

however, she is not in your university directory, oddly.

So, you google her...

only to find that there are several news articles about her having pretended to have a terrible disease for an extended period of time. (I would give more details but I am a bit uneasy about getting too specific - I mentioned it to my friend and he'd heard about it on the news.)

Yes...this happened to me today, and it was bizarre as hell. I am actually more than a little freaked out.