I'm not crazy, yo' crazy! Like Chicken Tetrazzini!

Psychiatrist today. Whilst sitting in the waiting area pouting about the boring nature of it all, I spied a fellow cowering into his jacket - hard to describe, but think "turtle." I also received a visual of a girl who legitimately looked like a skeleton.

Chuckling at the corny brochures, I simultaneously realized I was acting a fool and played"which one of these people is not like the other" in my head.

I don't know about you, but I would estimate that 70% of my friends take psychiatric meds of some sort. Are we all crazy?

I don't fancy myself crazy, but I am pharmacologically inclined, so if there is something to help with a given symptom, I say "bring it on."

Bad, maybe?

For some reason, all of this reminded me of chicken tetrazinni. Maybe because every time I go to the psychiatrist I leave feeling seriously alarmed about how normal and boring I feel.

So - exhibit a - if this doesn't make you feel like maybe you've sorta got it together, than you've probably already lost it.


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